What is Windows to the World?

This QEP will support the ability for GSW to better prepare our students to engage in the emerging global world.

Windows to the World can be described as providing a conduit, or Window, between GSW and the world.  This “Window” is a two-way conduit:

  •  Taking GSW to the World
  •  Bringing the World to GSW

The STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES for WINDOWS TO THE WORLD are to develop a global environment at GSW in which our students will have:

  • Students will be able to identify, describe and explain cultural differences.
  • Students will ask questions about other cultures and be able to find answers to those questions.
  • Students will interact with people from other cultures.

The STRATEGIES to achieve these outcomes are:

  • Coordination of the International Programs
  • Enhancement of UNIV 1000
  • Institutional Windows to the World Graduation Requirement

Click here for more detail on these points or to read the entire WINDOWS TO THE WORLD plan.