Windows to the World
GSW Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)


About Windows to the World

Georgia Southwestern State University is committed to providing a broad cultural and geographic learning environment designed to empower students as life-long learners with the ability to adapt to new environments, pursue professional growth, and engage in lifelong learning.

Windows to the World has been selected as the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) that will support this goal through wide spread involvement of the University and the community. 

The purpose of this plan is to introduce students to a variety of geographical, cultural and social experiences in order to broaden their understanding of the world in which they live. Windows to the World has a world-wide and local focus.  In order to be a global citizen, the leaders of tomorrow must be able to function in a wide variety of places and cultural situations.    Because GSW is located in rural southwest Georgia, it is critical that we bring the world to our students before they graduate and are sent out into the world.  This plan proposes to engage students in a variety of activities that foster cultural competency and geographical awareness. Please read more on the specific student learning outcomes, the action plans and the full proposal.

The Windows to the World Development Committee welcomes input from all constituencies: University staff, administration, faculty, students, and the Americus/Sumter County Community.  To leave feedback, please contact us via or contact individual committee members.